Wednesday, 6 August 2014

running hard

It was cross country day. Everyone so exited and nervous we had to wait for a little while before it was the year five boy's to race. Then we were called, we all stood up nervelessly. we walked over to the starting line. Mrs Mc Neil called out on your marks get set beep!!! We were off! We ran across the muddy field. The mud was going splat splat. We then turned up and onto the pavement everybody was going there hardest. We ran up the big hill that was on Campbell St, then we ran down the big hill. I was going at a good pace. then when we got to the bottom I ran as fast as I could, I slowed down I went past mum and BD they cheered me on and took some photos I thought to my self two more laps to go. I did what I did before, I ran around the field to the finish. I pasted the finish, the teacher gave me a piece of paper saying what place I came, then I ran up to the other teacher she asked me what my name was, what place I came and what house I am in. I walked over to mum and BD and told them what place I came, we went and sat on the
 seats and waited for the others to finish.
                                                                                                                        by Henry