Friday, 17 October 2014


my art inquiry

I choose for my art inquiry music I wanted to do the because I play a guitar the person who inspired me to do this was Ed sheeren because he is my favourite guitar player  and singer hear is my song at the bottom 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

running hard

It was cross country day. Everyone so exited and nervous we had to wait for a little while before it was the year five boy's to race. Then we were called, we all stood up nervelessly. we walked over to the starting line. Mrs Mc Neil called out on your marks get set beep!!! We were off! We ran across the muddy field. The mud was going splat splat. We then turned up and onto the pavement everybody was going there hardest. We ran up the big hill that was on Campbell St, then we ran down the big hill. I was going at a good pace. then when we got to the bottom I ran as fast as I could, I slowed down I went past mum and BD they cheered me on and took some photos I thought to my self two more laps to go. I did what I did before, I ran around the field to the finish. I pasted the finish, the teacher gave me a piece of paper saying what place I came, then I ran up to the other teacher she asked me what my name was, what place I came and what house I am in. I walked over to mum and BD and told them what place I came, we went and sat on the
 seats and waited for the others to finish.
                                                                                                                        by Henry

Sunday, 20 July 2014

As fast as a bullet

We hopped in the car and headed down to the jetty with  the bullet on  the trailer. When we got down to the jetty I  jumped out of the car and ran to the jetty. BD backed the boat into the water.
I had to hold onto the boat so it did not float away. BD ran down to me he hopped into the boat and started the boat's engine. It roared like a lion. We zoomed across the lake going sixty miles an hour. I could feel the fresh breeze blowing on my face  and  I could see the waves rolling by. After a little while we headed back to shore. When we got back to the jetty I helped to get the boat onto the trailer. And then we headed home. Can't wait till next time.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Helicopter buzz flying high

Earlier this year I had a helicopter ride in Taupo. When it was time for the helicopter to take off  I climbed in the helicopter. The helicopter blades started then we took off. As we were getting up higher my heart started beating faster. But after a while I got used to it. I thought to myself I can see everything. As we turned around to go back home we went over the Huka Falls and some of the paddocks.  Then we got closer and closer to the helicopter pad and landed. When I hopped out I thought to myself what a cool experience!!!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

My first fish in Lake Taupo

We put the boat in the water  and BD started the boat's engine. We made our way to the fishing spot at Acacia Bay .We put the rod's in the water and the boat started it's engine again because we were going trolling and the boat needs to move to go trolling. We waited until we got a bite. We had a few snacks like chips and after a while we decided to wind the lines in. When we were winding
the rod's in we got a bite on one of our roads it was my rod I wined it in. but unfortunately it was a baby fish. But as BD put the fish back in the water I felt happy for catching my first fish
so we could not keep it but at least it was my first fish from Lake Taupo. We gradually got faster   when we were heading back to shore and we got the boat up on the plain we zoomed back to the boat ramp and put the boat on the trailer and went back home. When we got in the door I thought  to my self what an exiting day!!!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Our new inquiry

Our new inquiry topic is light. We have been learning how light turns. The primary colours are red, yellow and blue. We have been looking at the colour wheel. White is all of the colours and
black is just black.

Monday, 26 May 2014

My view on dog poo

                                                      should we pick up dog poo  

                yes we should pick up dog poo yes because someone might step in it and they will have
                to clean it of there shoes and i think that the owner of the dog should pick it up because
                it is there responsibility of the dog the world would be a nicer place to go for a walk.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Human Fish

                                                The human fish

  Once upon a time there was a. Guy called bob he was at a camp site by himselfe he went fishing
He caught a fish it was a fish that he had nearer seen befor it almost looked like a human a human
Fish  he did not eat it that night because he was not hungry he went to bed he woke up it was morning
He opened his capin door the fish it was standing there it was as big as bob the fish had grewen legs
And arms bob quickly shut his door he barakaded his door with his bed side table he didn't know what to do he took the bed side table of the door he opened it a little bit it was not there he thought
He was day dreaming he went to the river he stopped there where lots more of the fish one of the
Fish snuck up behind me and ate me bob was gone.


Friday, 23 May 2014

what we have done this week

This week in maths we have been learning about algebra we made patterns  in writing we have
been doing values and view point and should we keep animals in the zoos.  in PE we have been
concentrating  on soccer and kicking the ball with our inner foot.