Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Human Fish

                                                The human fish

  Once upon a time there was a. Guy called bob he was at a camp site by himselfe he went fishing
He caught a fish it was a fish that he had nearer seen befor it almost looked like a human a human
Fish  he did not eat it that night because he was not hungry he went to bed he woke up it was morning
He opened his capin door the fish it was standing there it was as big as bob the fish had grewen legs
And arms bob quickly shut his door he barakaded his door with his bed side table he didn't know what to do he took the bed side table of the door he opened it a little bit it was not there he thought
He was day dreaming he went to the river he stopped there where lots more of the fish one of the
Fish snuck up behind me and ate me bob was gone.


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